CUGR Programs

“You might watch a presentation on how to protect our wild blueberry crops and their pollinators, participate in a heated discussion on how to address challenges of education in a rural state like ours or marvel at high-quality and expressive media exhibits created by students that help maintain and develop the artistic and cultural scene our state is known for.” 

Jack Mclauchlan, vice president of the Graduate Student Government at the UMaine Student Symposium (UMSS16)

“CUGR has allowed me to broaden the horizons of my undergraduate experience here at the University of Maine. Without CUGR, involvement with this project would likely not have been possible. Instead, I have been able to be involved in planning an archaeological project from the ground up, a very unique experience, especially for an undergraduate. CUGR has allowed me to have a better understanding of the world of research, particularly on an international level, and a chance to tackle all the challenges that may come with it. CUGR has provided me with a true growing experience as an undergraduate student.”

Marissa Bovie, Former CUGR Participant majoring in Earth Sciences and Anthropology

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