Institute of Medicine Fellowship Opportunity

UMaine Institute of Medicine Fellowships support faculty and students in health and life sciences to develop transformative medical-based solutions through collaborations with a coordinated network of researchers and educators in partnership with health care professionals and other stakeholders. Ten proposals, dedicated to the advancement of human health and wellbeing in the state of Maine and beyond, will be funded through this program. Applicants are expected to demonstrate how discovery and learning in health and life sciences, from basic to translational research, can enhance clinical practices, biomedical research, and/or healthcare workforce development.

Institute of Medicine Fellowship Applicant Information

The Office of the Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School is
offering fellowships in the area of  health and life
sciences to qualified students.

*This is the same link as the CUGR fellowship application, students can then select their fellowship type

Final Report Information

Final Report Due: May 13, 2022

Final Reports should be submitted at:

Make sure to follow the final report guidelines by clicking the button below.

* This is the same criteria and submission link as the CUGR AY Fellowships

Award Reporting