Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The emerging field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a strategic growth area for UMaine. The mission of the AI initiative is to develop, through innovative and coordinated research, education, and strategic partnerships, transformative AI-based solutions that enhance the social and economic well-being of the citizens of Maine and beyond. Ten fellowships will be offered to students who apply through the CUGR AY 2021 Fellowship form. Students from any discipline who are focused on artificial intelligence will be considered for this fellowship when working with a faculty mentor. Pandemic related research proposals will be given special consideration. A few funding slots have been allocated to this category.

UMaine Pandemic Response Teams (Caitlin Howell Lab – Filter System, Rick Corey VEMI Team – Temperature Tech)

Artificial Intelligence Applicant Information

The Office of the Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School is
offering $1200 fellowships in the area of artificial intelligence to 10 students.

*This is the same link as the CUGR fellowship application, students can then select their fellowship type students will be also expected to present their research at the Annual Student Symposium Friday, April 16, 2021.

Final Report Information

Reports are due at the end of each respective performance period.
– Academic Year Fellowship Performance Period.
  • Final Report Due: May 14, 2021

File Name and File Format: 

Save all final report materials in a single .pdf file (multiple file and file uploads will not be accepted).

The final report filename should be titled as, LASTNAME_AWARD TYPE YEAR_REPORT

e.g. Alex Smith, Fellowship recipient, would name/save the final report file as such:
– Smith_CUGR_SUMMER18_Report.pdf
(CUGR Summer Recipient 2018)

The final report should include:

Our written report is a more complete summary of your work. Final reports should be no more than four pages (using single spacing) – including graphs and charts and no less than two pages. Font – Use Times New Roman or Arial font, 12 point font size.
– Line Spacing – Use Single and a half Spacing (1.5)

1. Introductory Information in the following order: (Centered)
Title of Your Research Report (Use Bold Formatting)
Student Researcher: Your First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name
Advisor: Name of Your Advisor
Name of College / University You Attend (Use Underline Formatting)
Name of Your Department

2. Abstract

3. Project objectives (a discussion of your objectives)

4. Methodology used

5. Results obtained

6. Significance and interpretation of results

7. Self-assessment of the project success

8. Publications and follow-up proposal resulted from this award

9. Figures/Charts

10. Acknowledgments and References

Final Reports should be submitted at the following url:

MSGC Report:

The final report template can be found here:

Final Reports should be submitted at the following url:

Check the google form for further information: Final Report Submission

* This is the same criteria and submission link as the CUGR AY Fellowships