CUGR Advisory Committee

  • Ali Abedi, Assistant VP Research, and CUGR Director, Professor of ECE, COE
  • Melissa Maginnis, Assistant Professor of Microbiology and CUGR Assistant Director 
  • Stephanie Welcomer, Interim Dean of the Honors College
  • Laura Artesani, Chair and Associate Professor, Music Education Coordinator, CLAS
  • George Criner, Associate Dean for Academics, NSFA
  • Sally Dixon-Molloy, Honors Preceptor, Assistant Professor of Genomics, NSFA
  • Jean MacRae, Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, COE
  • Amelia Couture-Bue, Assistant Professor of Communication and Journalism CLAS
  • Zachary Ludington, Assistant Professor of Spanish, Modern Languages and Classics
  • Tessa Shanteler, Undergraduate Student Representative
  • Stefano Tijerina, Lecturer, Management, MBS
  • Deborah Eremita, Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Assistant Professor of Nursing, NSFA
  • Timothy Cole, Associate Dean for Academics, CLAS
  • Catherine Biddle, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership, EDHD

Mission Statement and Vision

The Center for Undergraduate Research’s (CUGR) primary mission is to increase, improve and enhance undergraduate students’ participation and experiences in research, scholarship and creative activity. Undergraduate research allows motivated and interested students to become critically engaged in a culture of independent learning and participate in the creation of new knowledge. Through student-faculty collaborations and mentoring partnerships, students develop the tools and resources needed to achieve an authentic understanding of the research endeavor, the pinnacle of an educational experience. Undergraduate research, broadly defined and understood, incorporates current students into the fabric of the University and attracts prospective students who want to be active participants in their education. Undergraduate research also provides an opportunity for faculty to expand their own research programs and enhance mentoring skills through training new members of their disciplines.

CUGR achieves its mission by providing leadership, coordination and support for research activities across campus. It builds upon UMaine’s strengths and strategic goals as the state’s leading research university, taking advantage of the hundreds of faculty and graduate students involved in research and creative projects who can teach and mentor undergraduate researchers and scholars.

Faculty Fellows

“I also take away from this experience a newfound enthusiasm for collaborative student-faculty research, recognizing the endless mutual benefits of engaging my… students as colleagues with whom I might share scholarly questions and conduct future, common research.”

– Professor Mimi Killinger, Rezendes Preceptor for the Arts in the Honors College at the University of Maine

Find out more information about our CUGR Faculty Fellows Program.

“CUGR has allowed me to broaden the horizons of my undergraduate experience here at UMaine. Without CUGR, involvement with this project would likely not have been possible. Instead, I have been able to be involved in planning an archaeological project from the ground up, a very unique experience, especially for an undergraduate. CUGR has allowed me to have a better understanding of the world of research, particularly on an international level, and a chance to tackle all the challenges that may come with it.” 

Marissa Bovie, Former CUGR Participant majoring in Earth Sciences and Anthropology