CUGR Announces Summer 2024 Graduate MSGC Fellowship Awardees

The University of Maine’s Center for Undergraduate Research (CUGR) is pleased to announce Summer 2024 MSGC Graduate Fellowship winners. 

The 2024 Summer MSGC Graduate Fellowship awards help provide research opportunities to graduate students studying aerospace technology, space science, human exploration and space development, Earth science and other science- or engineering-related fields. The focus of proposed projects funded by the fellowships must be aligned with the research priorities of NASA’s enterprise. Selected projects will be awarded up to $6,000 each.

This year’s recipients are: 

  • Allison Berry, Earth and Climate Science, “Establishing Iceberg Distributions and Their Controlling Variables in NW Greenland,” advised by Kristin Schild
  • Renee Clavette, Earth and Climate Science, “Interannual and Sub-seasonal Variations in Subglacial Water Storage, Juneau Icefield (Southeast Alaska),” advised by Seth Campbell
  • Mari Fromstein, Quaternary and Climate Science, “Reducing Uncertainty in Ice Volume Estimates in Eastern and Southeast Alaska,” advised by Seth Campbell
  • Mikaila Mannello, Earth and Climate Science, “Characterizing Spatial and Temporal Variability of Near Surface Properties Across the Juneau Icefield, Alaska,” advised by Seth Campbell
  • Alexis Plater, Biomedical Engineering, “Injectable Cellulose-Based Hydrogels for Nutrient and Drug Delivery Applications,” advised by Michael Mason
  • Maxwell Prybylo, Computer Science, “Perception vs. Reality: Unveiling the Privacy Knowledge Gap Among Software Developers,” advised by Sepideh Ghanavati
  • Everett Rzeszowksi, Marine Biology, “Improving the Resolution of Inshore Warming with Site-Specific Validation of High-resolution Satellite Data Products,” advised by Damian Brady
  • Andrew Teller, Physics and Astronomy, “Simulating the Effects of Binary Companions on Core-Collapse Supernovae,” advised by Neil Comins
  • Jennifer Thompson, Clinical Psychology, “The Visual Attention, Memory and Processing Speed (VAMPS) Development Project,” advised by Fayeza Ahmed
  • Blake Turner, Biomedical Engineering, “Injectable Cellulose-Based Hydrogels for Drug and Nutrient Delivery Applications,” advised by Michael Mason
  • Liza White, Biomedical Engineering, “Optimizing Solar Panel Efficiency through Diatom Liquid-Infused Surfaces,” advised by Caitlin Howell
  • Tahi Wiggins, Earth and Climate Sciences, “Constraining Surface-to-bed Water Flux at a Terrestrial Analog to Europa,” advised by Seth Campbell