Easel and Poster Board Rentals

Easel/Board Tips and Tricks

  • Posters should be adhered to foam boards by tacks or clips
  • Please do not use tape on foam boards, it causes damage
  • Be sure all easels are in good working order. If damages have occurred or pieces are missing please be sure to inform CUGR staff.

Any University of Maine department, student group or external entity can rent poster boards and easels at a low cost. These prices are for a maximum of five days, e.g. Monday to Friday or Thursday to Monday.

Easel Dimensions: Adjustable telescoping legs allow variable heights from 36” to 66”. Foam boards available at 24” x 36” and/or 36” x 48”.

For availability, pricing and other information, contact the CUGR office at cugr@maine.edu. Please fill out our form to reserve your order today!

Easels and Boards are picked up and dropped off by event organizers from 127 Corbett Hall. If you are looking for delivery and pick up of foam boards and easels please contact UMaine Events & Hospitality at events.hospitality@maine.edu or Tel: 207.581.4093

We also will supply the thumb tacks.


Internal Rental Prices (priced per item per week):

  • 1- 25 = $4 each
  • 26-50 = $3 each
  • 51-100 = $2 each

External Rental Prices (priced per item per week): 

  • 1-25 = $5 each
  • 26-50 = $4 each
  • 51-100 = $3 each


External: 10 easels and 10 foam boards = $100

Internal: 10 easels and 10 foam boards = $80

easel parts on bag


easel parts on spread out by bag 

Easels and boards Photo