2017 MSGC Summer Undergraduate Award Recipients

The University of Maine’s Center for Undergraduate Research (CUGR) and the Maine Space Grant Consortium (MSGC) have announced the 2017 MSGC Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Award recipients.

The purpose of the MSGC fellowship and scholarship programs at UMaine is to provide research opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students in aerospace technology, space science, Earth science, human exploration/space development, and other science- or engineering-related fields.

2017 MSGC Summer Undergraduate Award Recipients

(Student Name, Academic Program, Project Title, Faculty Mentor)

Cassandra Dechaine, Bioengineering, “Pharmacokinetics of Bone Regeneration,” advised by Michael Mason

Meaghan Delcourt, Psychology, “Examination of Electrodermal Reactivity in Self-Injurious Behaviors,” advised by Emily Haigh

Jennifer Field, Marine Science, “Glacier Bay National Park Corals: Comparative Reproduction between Deep and Shallow Red Tree Corals,” advised by Rhian Waller

Nathan Gazey, Computer Science, “HandWaver,” advised by Justin Dimmel

Lila Lyons, Physics, “Neuronal Innervation Analysis of Metabolic Disease in Relation to Space Travel,” advised by Kristy Townsend

Andrew Nolan, Earth Sciences, “Updated Glacier Velocities for the St. Elias Mountains,” advised by Ellyn Enderlin

Hussein Sayed, Biology, “Controlling 2-pore Potassium Channels with Light: Synthesis and Evaluation of New Photoswitchable Channel Blockers,” advised by Michael Kienzler

Daniel Schlabig, Electrical and Computer Engineering, “Optimized Scheduling for Wireless Energy Transfer with applications in Remote Structural Sensing,” advised by Ali Abedi

Ashley Soucy, Molecular and Biomedical Science, “Intracellular Ca2+ Flux is Required for a Post-Attachment Step in JCPyV Infection,” advised by Melissa Maginnis

Caroline Spangenberg, Zoology, “Impact of the Acanthocephalan parasite Profilicollis botulus on estradiol levels in the invasive green crab, Carcinus maenas: A potential biological control organism,” advised by Ian Bricknell

Austin Steward, Bioengineering, “Effects of Liquid Gated Membranes in the PTEE Filtration of Biological Agents,” advised by Caitlin Howell

Dakota Sudbeck, Bioengineering, “Approximation of Core Body Temperature with Infrared Based Imaging,” advised by Karissa Tilbury