2015-16 Fall Fellowship Recipients

The Center for Undergraduate Research is pleased to announce the recipients of the Research and Creative Activities Fellowships for 2015-2016 academic year. The fellowships were developed to enhance and increase undergraduate student involvement in faculty supervised research, and are supported through a PRE-VUE grant awarded by the President’s Office. Each fellowship provides a $1000 award for the students to cover costs associated with the project.

2015-16 Academic Year Research and Creative Activities Fellowship Award Recipients

(Student Name, Academic Program, Project Title, Faculty Mentor)

  • Morgan Cates, Business Management, “Research and Practicum in Arts Management & Marketing: Managing Producer for School of Performing Arts Fundraiser/University Singers European Tour Coordinator,” advised by Laura Artesani
  • Matthew Curti, Engineering Physics, “Structural Analysis of Thin Film Materials In Controlled Gas Environments using In-Situ X-Ray Diffraction,” advised by Robert Lad
  • Ashley Edwards, Animal and Veterinary Science, “Killing of Streptococcus equi by Different Moisture Content of Compost,” advised by Robert Causey
  • Shania Evangelista, Chemical Engineering, “Extraction of polysaccharides from marine biomass,” advised by Peter van Walsum
  • Grace Gould, Chemistry, “Synthesis and Characterization of Ferrocene-Oxadiazole Complexes and a Study of their Medicinal Potential,” advised by Alice Bruce
  • Hannah Grover, Bioengineering, “Characterization of the Mechanical Properties of Nanocellulose Based Solid Forms,” advised by Michael Mason
  • Morgan Gustin, Animal and Veterinary Science, “Efficacy of Maine Lobster Shell As Treatment For Parasitic Nematodes In Small Ruminants,” advised by Robert Bayer
  • Mikael Heikkinen, Psychology, “The effects of categorization training on category representations,” advised by Shawn Ell
  • Samuel Landry, Chemical Engineering, “Investigation into a new hydrogel material for 3D cell culture,” advised by William Gramlich
  • Justin Leavitt,  Earth Science, “Analyzing the spatial variability of snow accumulation on the Eclipse Ice field, Yukon Territory, Canada,” advised by Karl Kreutz
  • Katherine Lees, Psychology, “Prosociality: The Effects of Religion, the Government and other Societal Institutions,” advised by Jordan LaBouff
  • Molly Meadows, English Literature, “Identity Construction & Queer Theory in Modern American Poetics,” advised by Carla Billiterri
  • Sarah Mullis, Sociology, “Alleviating Social Isolation and Food Insecurity Through Community Gardening; How the Orono Community Garden Impacts Seniors,” advised by Melissa Ladenheim and Mark Haggerty
  • Elias Pasquerillo, Chemistry, “Investigating Neuromelanin’s Role in Neurodegenerative Diseases Using Synthetic Fragments,” advised by Matthew Brichacek
  • Scott Richards, Computer Science, “Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy for Veterans with PTSD,” advised by Nicholas Giudice
  • Ella Sulinski, Cognitive Psychology, “Methadone Exposure and the Mother-Infant Bond,” advised by Marie Hayes
  • Austin Ward, Engineering Physics, “High Speed Mixing during Nanoparticle Formation,” advised by Scott Collins