Molly Hale posing outside in front of rocky outcropping.

Student Spotlight: Molly Hale

Molly Hale’s first major exposure to research was during her senior year of high school, when she participated in the Maine State Science Fair. Her experience at the event inspired her to reach out to faculty when she arrived at UMaine, looking for research opportunities. “I feel very lucky that another faculty member steered me […]

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Emilie Casey poses at a desk bearing books and three monitors showing graphs and data.

Student Spotlight: Emilie Casey

Emilie Casey came to UMaine planning to focus on geology, but after connecting with one of their professors, glaciology is becoming a much larger part of their academic life. “I came to UMaine with a bright passion for Earth Sciences, eager to use my resources and apply myself. I think my professor picked up on […]

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Mary Milligan

Student Spotlight: Mary Milligan

Mary Milligan was first exposed to research when she was named a Maine Top Scholar and was introduced to advisors in the chemistry department at UMaine. After talking with several professors she found a research project that piqued her interest. Milligan says, “since then, I have been able to apply a lot of the skills […]

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Additional REU Student Opportunities

External REU Opportunities

Looking for a way to conduct research outside of your current institution? If so make sure to explore the links below for more information on what REUs are available to you! Pathways To Science | Increasing Diversity in STEM Search for an REU Site | NSF – National Science Foundation

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The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is pleased to announce that CLAS Undergraduate and Creative Activity Fellowships will be available again this year to qualified students. The application for both CUGR and CLAS Fellowships will again be on the same platform. The College does not have a separate application form for its undergraduate fellowships. To apply, […]

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