CUGR Announces CUGR Summer 2024 Fellowship Recipients

The University of Maine’s Center for Undergraduate Research (CUGR) has announced the Summer 2024 CUGR fellowship winners. 

The CUGR Research and Creative Activities fellowships were developed to enhance and increase undergraduate student involvement in faculty-supervised research and are supported through the office of the Vice President for Research. Each fellowship provides $4,000 per student for costs associated with the project. 

This year’s recipients are: 

  • Paige Cormier, Forestry, “Drought Acclimation in First-year Tree Seedlings,” advised by Jay Wason III
  • Olivia Durham, Marine Science, “Impacts of Commercial Pig Hide Bait Consumption on the Health of the American Lobster (Homarus americanus),” advised by Gail Schwieterman
  • Faith Flynn, Marine Science, “A Look at Parasites of Pelagic Fish and Teleosts in the Gulf of Maine,” advised by Ian Bricknell
  • Strix Kugler, Botany, “Culturing Fetid Russula, An Unusually Nitrophillic Genus of Fungi,” advised by Pete Avis
  • Griffin Lawrence, Microbiology, “The Effect of Antimicrobial Treatment on Co-infections of Candida albicans and Group B streptococcus,” advised by Melody Neely
  • Marina McManus, Animal and Veterinary Science, “Assessing the Relationship Between Antler Growth and Parasitic Infections in Maine Moose,” advised by Paulina Kamath
  • Alexandria Morgan, Psychology, “Roots and Resilience: Understanding Belonging Among Children of Iranian Diaspora in The United States,” advised by Jordan LaBouff
  • Skyler Morse, Biomedical Engineering, “‘2.5D’ Wavelet-based Segmentation of Brain Tumors,” advised by Andre Khalil
  • Mya Muthig, Microbiology, “Compensatory Roles of NOX Complexes in Chronic Granulomatous Disease: A Zebrafish Model Approach,” advised by Robert Wheeler
  • Sarah Renee Ozlanski, English and Studio Art, “Painting The Feminine Future Of Schooners And Square Rigs: How Portraiture and Genre Envisions Gender Equality in the Maritime Industry,” advised by Ronald Nadeau
  • Drew Parent, Social Work, “Who or What is MAGA? A Frame Analysis of a Political Movement,” advised by Sarah Walton
  • Autumn Perley, Microbiology, “Acinetobacter baumannii Effects on Candida albicans in the Presence of Fluconazole,” advised by Robert Wheeler
  • Jonah Porter, Environmental Horticulture, “Computing and Automation in Agriculture,” advised by Bryan Peterson
  • Logan Quinn, Forestry, “Developing Allometric Equations for Estimating Stump Volume and Carbon Storage,” advised by Shawn Fraver
  • Joe Raite, Chemistry, “Exploring Collagen-Binding Integrins: A Novel Approach to Understanding Breast Cancer Dynamics,” advised by Karissa Tilbury
  • Michael Sabol, Electrical Engineering, “Memristor Creation and Characteristics,” advised by Rosemary Smith
  • Elyeah Schweikert, Wildlife Ecology, “They Hold Hands! How Maine’s Mushroom Species are Distributed Throughout the State,” advised by Pete Avis
  • Edgelynn Venuti, Ecology and Environmental Science, “Drivers and Environmental Impacts of Energy Transitions in Underserved Communities,” advised by Sharon Klein