Student Spotlight: Sairah Damboise

Sairah Damboise has “always been interested in the fabrication of vaccinations and medicine.” That interest made it easy for her when it was time to choose a major. While looking for opportunities to work in a lab on campus, Damboise was offered the chance to work in Dr. Michael Mason’s lab. Damboise says Dr. Mason “has given me not only the essentials to perform lab research and work, but numerous opportunities to grow in this practice.” 

With her mentor’s assistance, Damboise is studying “visco elastic properties from unmodified to extremely modified cellulose hydrogels through the use of a rheometer.” A rheometer is a device which measures the stress-strain relationships and flow/deformation properties of a given material. Damboise says the device “will determine the flow of this dense material due to an applied force. This will, in turn, provide knowledge on what the most effective modification of the cellulose hydrogel will be for successful vaccination delivery.”

Damboise says the best thing one can do when considering research is to “take any opportunity thrown your way to practice and see what you truly enjoy.” She says that while the first attempt or two may not be exactly what you’re looking for, “but eventually you will find your passion. Every opportunity is the chance to find your true purpose.”