Goal: To develop a cohort of faculty mentors and increase activities toward future funding of undergraduate research

The CUGR Research Faculty Fellows Program supports faculty efforts toward improving undergraduate research and scholarship mentoring skills, expanding curricula to include research and scholarship experiences, and developing proposals for further funding specifically involving undergraduate students. CUGR Research Faculty Fellows include up to 25 full-time faculty per year, recommended by their respective Deans (no later than Dec 1st), with broad disciplinary representation. Each CUGR Research Fellow is provided with a stipend to participate in a 2-year faculty development program (Spring semester). In Year One, the CUGR Research Fellows attend workshops on mentoring undergraduates in research and creative activity, engaging in curriculum transformation, the identification of funding sources and the development of proposals for supporting undergraduates. CUGR Research Fellows are expected to mentor undergraduates during their participation in the program. In Year two, CUGR Research Fellows are provided with student research assistants and continue to mentor undergraduates, participate in a grant writing workshop, and expected to submit a grant proposal involving undergraduates in research or creative activities. The objectives of the CUGR Research Fellows program are to:

  1.  Develop a cohort of faculty from across academic disciplines committed to undergraduate research and scholarship who will promote curriculum change and the mentoring of undergraduates.
  2.  Produce grant proposals with significant undergraduate research involvement.

CUGR Research Faculty Fellows Assistants will be students identified by CUGR Research Fellows as involved with their research and scholarship. CUGR Research Fellows Assistants will receive $1,500 stipends to support their research activities. The objective of the Assistance program is to provide support for students engaged in faculty-mentored research and creative activity.

Faculty Fellow Undergraduate Research Assistants will be expected to submit an application for an AY CUGR fellowship, and Faculty Fellows will submit a letter of support. The link to the form will be available at a later date.

The Team Leader will be the CUGR Director. Co-contributors will include the College Deans and the Office of the V.P. for Research.