MSGC Final Report Requirements

Report Requirements:

Your written report is a more complete summary of your work. Final reports should be no more. Than four pages (using single spacing) – including graphs and charts and no less than two pages.

Report Format:

  • Software ‐ Use Microsoft Word software (MSGC uses Version 2010)
  • Font – Use Calibri font, 11 point font size.
  • Line Spacing – Use Single Spacing (1.0)
  • Alignment – Use Align Left (please do NOT use the Justify feature)
  • Margins – 1” Top, Bottom, Left, and Right Margins.
  • Paragraph – Do NOT change spacing Before or After (Keep at 0 (default settings).

Figures, Charts, Pictures:

With the picture or object selected, under Format, select, In line with text as the wrapping style in the Layout tab. Selecting other options causes formatting errors. Make sure the information is readable!

  • Formatting Tools – Do NOT use any of the following formatting tools in your report as it has caused major problems when we

Copy and Paste your report:

  • Paragraph Spacing (Pt Before and After). Please keep this at 0 (default settings).
  • Page Numbering
  • Track Changes (Commentary from your advisor must be deleted before submitting your paper.)
  • Headers or Footers
  • Footnotes or Endnotes
  • Hyperlinks in body of the paper to Figures, Footnotes, Endnotes, Pictures, or Objects
  • Protect Document or Password Protection