UMaine Student Symposium ’20 Date Set: April 17, 2020

Mark your calendars now! #UMSS20

UMaine Student Symposium: Research and Creative Activity (UMSS) Award Recipients

For information on the 2020 UMaine Student Symposium please visit the UMSS Homepage.

You can use the hashtag #UMSS20 on Facebook and Twitter to post about this upcoming year’s 2020 UMaine Student Symposium (UMSS) as part of Maine Impact Week. For further information and to submit a proposal, please go to the Maine Impact Week website.

Abstract Submission Guidelines and Criteria

The following information provides you with the criteria that must be met when submitting your abstract:
Abstract Summary. The abstract summary should contain enough information about your research and scholarly activities to allow assignment of proper judges that are well informed and prepared to score your presentation on the event day. Limit the abstract to only 250 words. An additional 100 characters are allotted for Acknowledgments and References.
Clarity. Your work will be judged based on both the submitted abstract and your presentation on the day of the event. You need to clearly define the research topic, state the motivation behind your work, and the benefits to the academic community as well as the general public. Your hypothesis, methods, and results should be explained in simple and concise language
that is accessible by reviewers outside your field.
Acknowledgments. All abstracts and presentations need to include an acknowledgment statement if they received funding and/or support from a UM unit, grant, etc.

  • For example: This research was funded by the Center for Undergraduate Research 2019-20 Academic Year Fellowship.

References. Reference formatting should be applied as follows,
[1] J. Smith, B. Shannon, and C. H Yu, “Paper title”, publication, year.
[2] Use a discipline-specific referencing format.

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