2018-20 Faculty Cohort

The University of Maine Center for Undergraduate Research (CUGR) 2018–2020 Research Fellows Assistants.

As part of the second year of the 2018-2020 CUGR Faculty Fellow Program, each CUGR Fellows is provided $1,100 to support an undergraduate student research assistant of their choosing during the 2018-19 academic year. CUGR is pleased to announce the CUGR undergraduate research assistants for the CUGR Faculty Cohorts.

(Student Name, Faculty Mentor Name, Faculty Department)

  • Aldous Hofmann, Yongijang Zhang, Biology & Ecology
  • Alyson East, Kate Ruskin, Ecology & Environmental Sciences
  • Andrea Ramirez, Nishad Jayasundara, Marine Sciences
  • Benjamin Williams, Sally Molloy, Molecular and Biomedical Sciences
  • Betsy Spear, Andrew Crawley, Economics
  • Charles-Alexandre Roy, Ek Han Tan, Biology & Ecology
  • Charlize Castro, Michael Kienzler, Chemistry
  • Elizabeth Piotrowski, Kristina Cammen, School of Marine Sciences
  • Ella Glatter, Jennifer Perry, Food & Agriculture
  • Emily Gagne, Danielle Levesque, Biology & Ecology
  • Emily LeClair, Caitlin Howell, Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Emma Paradie, Kristy Townsend, Biology & Ecology
  • Jack Stanton, Erik Blomberg, Wildlife
  • Jenna Paul, Christopher Nightingale, Athletic and Physical
  • Madison Bangs, Pauline Kamath, Food &Agriculture
  • Mitchell Harling, Karissa Tilbury, Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Nathan Sprangers, Phillip Edelman, Music
  • Robert Brittingham, Alessio Mortelliti, Wildlife

The 2018-20 CUGR Faculty Cohorts:

  • Phillip Edelman; Assistant Professor of Music; Music
  • Michael Kienzler; Assistant Professor of Chemistry; Chemistry
  • Karissa Tilbury; Assistant Professor of Engineering; Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Caitlin Howell; Assistant Professor of Engineering; Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Tammy Mills; Assistant Professor of Education; Education
  • Christopher Nightingale; Assistant Professor of Athletic Training and Physical Education; Athletic and Physical
  • Sally Molloy; Assistant Professor of Genomics; Molecular and Biomedical Sciences
  • Danielle Levesque; Assistant Professor of Mammalogy and Mammalian Health; School of Biology & Ecology
  • Kate Ruskin; Lecturer and Undergraduate Coordinator in Ecology and Environmental Sciences; Ecology & Environmental Sciences
  • Ek Han Tan; Assistant Professor of Plant Genetics; School of Biology & Ecology
  • Alessio Mortelliti; Assistant Professor, and Master of Wildlife Conservation Advisor; Wildlife, Fisheries & Conservation Biology
  • Jennifer Perry; Assistant Professor of Food Microbiology; School of Food & Agriculture
  • Pauline Kamath; Assistant Professor of Animal Health; School of Food &Agriculture
  • Kristy Townsend; Assistant Professor of Neurobiology; School of Biology & Ecology
  • Erik Blomberg; Assistant Professor of Wildlife Ecology; Wildlife, Fisheries & Conservation Biology
  • Andrew Crawley; Assistant Professor of Economics; School of Economics
  • Yongijang Zhang; Assistant Professor of Plant Physiology; School of Biology & Ecology
  • Carly Sponarski; Assistant Professor of Human Dimensions of Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation; Wildlife, Fisheries & Conservation Biology
  • Kristina Cammen; Assistant Professor of Marine Mammal Science; School of Marine Sciences
  • Nishad Jayasundara; Assistant Professor of Marine Physiology; School of Marine Sciences