CUGR Fellowship: Award Funds Policy/Procedures

Guidelines for hiring a student to receive a stipend including, bi-weekly checks and lump sum, can be found: CUGR_Fellowship Stipend Guidelines

Link for the Student Employment Forms

Requisition Form to request supplies, materials, and services can be found

CUGR will check for order requests every Friday  and when possible periodically through-out the week. If an order is time-sensitive please email,, with a description and explanation of the situation and CUGR will work to make the appropriate accommodations.

Items to consider:
1. For packing slips, write the date received, your initials, and send to CUGR office.
2. Follow UMaine policy and procedure when ordering, receiving, and handling Hazardous Materials

Questions and concerns should be directed towards the CUGR office, Alexandria Jesiolowski,, or by appointment in the office, located 207 Crossland Hall.

*Requisition form must be completed and submitted by the Faculty Mentor associated with the Fellowship Award research project. Faculty must sign in with their account to successfully submit the request. 

Link for the Safety Data Sheets

Link to the Guidlines for Shipping Hazardous Materials