CUGR Announces Summer 2023 Fellowship Awardees

The UMaine Center for Undergraduate Research (CUGR), UMaine Space, UMaine AI,  and Institute of Medicine is pleased to announce the recipients of the CUGR, Institute of Medicine, and Maine Space Grant Consortium (MSGC) Summer Research Fellowships. The fellowships were developed to enhance and increase undergraduate student involvement in faculty-supervised research. Winners of the fellowships will receive $3,000 to put toward their research projects over the summer months.


2023 CUGR Summer Undergraduate Fellowship Recipients

  • Cynthia Bellavance, Zoology, “Developing a LAMP Assay to Identify Boghaunter Species in Southern Maine,” advised by Erin Grey
  • Erin Cabral, Biology, “Developing a Phytolith Reference Collection for Northern Maine Plants,” advised by Jacquelyn Gill
  • August Gray, Economics, “The Effect of Eviction Moratorium of Residential Instability,” advised by Kelsi Hobbs
  • Molly Hale, Communication Sciences and Disorders, “Exploring Adverse Childhood Experiences in Children with Brain Injury,” advised by Jessica Riccardi
  • Seraphina Hodgson, Communication Sciences and Disorders, “Hearing Function and Executive Functioning after Childhood TBI,” advised by Jessica Riccardi
  • Brady Kaelin, Botany, “Baxter State Park Fungal Populations Survey,” advised by Peter Avis
  • Oluwadamilola Kolawole, Biomedical Engineering, “Developing a LAMP Assay to Identify Blue-Spotted Salamanders in Maine,” advised by Erin Grey
  • Neil Rockey; Miles Jones; Maximilian Sullivan, International Affairs, “Exploring the Dynamics of Popular Support for Insurgent Movements: A Twitter-Based Mixed Method Analysis of Baloch Nationalist Sentiment,” advised by Asif Nawaz


2023 MSGC Summer Undergraduate Award Recipients

  • Bean (Elizabeth) Bein, Biology, “The Future Forest: Assessing Climate Change Impacts on the Leaf Economic Spectrum of Northeastern Trees,” advised by Yongjiang Zhang
  • Bianca Breton, Biomedical Engineering, “Bio-printed Blueberry Plant Cells as Radiation Shielding for Long-term Space Exploration,” advised by Bashir Khoda
  • Mia Corradi, Biology, “Characterizing Muscle Development in b4gat1-Associated Dystroglycanopathy,” advised by Clarissa Henry
  • Sairah Damboise, Biomedical Engineering, “Visco Elastic Properties from Unmodified to Extremely Modified Cellulose Hydrogels,” advised by Michael Mason
  • Madison Landry, Psychology, “Mindfulness Aging Memory (MAM) Intervention And Its Effect On Loneliness in Older Adults,” advised by Rebecca MacAulay
  • Riley Loftus, Chemistry, “Using Fluorine-19 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance to Determine PFAS Levels in Agricultural Animal Samples,” advised by Barbara Cole
  • Sydney Sheehan, Biomedical Engineering, “Nanocellulose Based Foams for Low-Cost Disposable Medical Applications,” advised by Michael Mason


2023 CUGR/Institute of Medicine Summer Undergraduate Award Recipient

  • Lydia Bradfield, Communication Sciences and Disorders, “Relationship Between Traumatic Injury and Health and Fatigue for Children and College Students,” advised by Jessica Riccardi