2020-2021 Artificial Intelligence Fellowship Awardees

The emerging field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a strategic growth area for UMaine. The mission of the AI initiative is to develop, through innovative and coordinated research, education, and strategic partnerships, transformative AI-based solutions that enhance the social and economic well-being of the citizens of Maine and beyond. Ten fellowships will be offered to students who apply through the CUGR AY 2021 Fellowship form. Students from any discipline who are focused on artificial intelligence will be considered for this fellowship when working with a faculty mentor. Pandemic related research proposals will be given special consideration. A few funding slots have been allocated to this category. he Office of the Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School is offering $1200 fellowships in the area of artificial intelligence.

2020-21 Artificial Intelligence Fellowship Awardees

 (Student Name, Academic Program, Project Title, Faculty Mentor)

  • Sabrina Varga, biology, “3D Tracking of muscle precursor cells movement in zebrafish,” advised by Jarod Talbot
  • Christopher Roberts, biomedical engineering, “Microscopy Analysis Using Second Harmonic Generation,” advised by Karissa Tilbury
  • Jazlyn Dumas, marketing, “The Importance of a Checkmark: An Investigation Into the Perceptions of a Social Media Verification and its Effects on Consumer Trust,” advised by Stefano Tijerina
  • Basel White, biomedical engineering, “Wavelet-Based Automatic Pectoral Muscle Segmentation from Mammograms,” advised by Andre Khalil
  • Jonathan Libby, finance, “Regulation of Crypto Derivatives Trading in Institutional Financial Markets,” advised by Stephen Jurich