2017 Summer Fellowship Award Recipients

The Center for Undergraduate Research (CUGR), is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2017 Summer Research and Creative Activities Fellowships. The fellowships were developed to enhance and increase undergraduate student involvement in faculty-supervised research and are supported through office of the Vice President for Research. Each fellowship provides a $3,000 award for the student to cover costs associated with the project. Congratulations to all fellowship recipients.

2017 Summer Research and Creative Activities Fellowship Award Recipients

(Student Name, Academic Program, Project Title, Advisor)

  • James Barry, Microbiology, “Identification of Virulence Genes in Group B Streptococcus (GBS),” advised by Melody Neely
  • Meaghan Delcourt, Psychology, “Examination of Electrodermal Reactivity in Self-Injurious Behaviors,” advised by Emily Haigh
  • Taylor Delp, Psychology, “Sleep Disturbance as a Biomarker for Cognitive Decline in Aging,” advised by Marie Hayes
  • Jennifer Field, Marine sciences, “Glacier Bay National Park Corals: Comparative Reproduction Between Deep and Shallow Red Tree Corals,” advised by Rhian Waller
  • Chloe Lilly, Biological Engineering, “Engineering Polymer Infused Paper for a Self-contained Bacterial Diagnostic System,” advised by Caitlin Howell
  • Trevor Morin, Biochemistry, “Exploring Altered Energy Balance in EtOH-Treated Animals and its Application to Space Exploration,” advised by Kristy Townsend
  • Ashley Soucy, Biochemistry, “Intracellular Ca2+ Flux is Required for a Post-Attachment Step in JCPyV Infection,” advised by Melissa Maginnis
  • Caroline Spangenberg, Zoology, “Impact of the Acanthocephalan Parasite Profilicollis Botulus on Estradiol Levels in the Invasive Green Crab, Carcinus Maenas: A Potential Biological Control Organism,” advised by Ian Bricknell