2017 UMaine Student Research Symposium (USRS) Award Recipients

(Student Program, Student Name(s), Project Title, Faculty Mentor)
    • 1st Place: Biomedical Sciences: Sarai Smith, “RNA-seq Analysis of Cluster E Phage Ukulele,” advised by Sally Molloy (Top Overall Winner)


    • Allied Health: Katarina Querfurth, Paige LeBlond, Jenna Nichols, Belinda Kirkpatrick, “For Hospitalized In-patients, What Evidence-based Interventions will Reduce the Feelings of Stress, Anxiety and/or Fear Brought on by the Hospital Environment?” advised by Patricia Poirier


    • Arts: Meaghan Byrnes, Eric Morrison, Austin Haughton, Jacob Hall, Liam Reading, “iSWOOP,” advised by Michael Scott


    • Education: Toni Kaplan, “Development of a Dynamic Multisensory Interface to Provide Accessible Biological Diagrams for Blind and Low Vision Students,” advised by Nick Giudice


    • Engineering and Information Science: William Breeding, “Homogenous Integration of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles into Cellulose Nanofibers,” advised by Michael Mason


    • Natural Sciences: Christian Zwirner, “Defensive Mechanisms of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor in Host Response to Candida albicans Infection,” advised by Robert Wheeler


    • Physical Sciences: Samuel Borer, “Characterizing Liquid Argon Time Projection Chambers for Neutrino Physics,” advised by Saima Farooq


    • Social Sciences: Angelina Iannazzi, “Longitudinal Imagined Interactions Between Christians and Atheists,” advised by Jordan LaBouff


    • Innovation Award: William Breeding, Banton Heithoff, Madeline Mazjanis and Amber Boutiette (undergraduate), “Pediatric Respiratory Simulation,” advised by Caitlin Howell


    • IEEE Award: Armando Ayes (undergraduate), “Temperature Compensated Langasite Surface Acoustic Wave Devices for High Temperature Operation,” advised by Mauricio da Cunha