2017-18 Academic Year Fellowship Awards

The Center for Undergraduate Research is pleased to announce the recipients of the Research and Creative Activities Fellowships for 2017-2018 academic year. The fellowships were developed to enhance and increase undergraduate student involvement in faculty supervised research, and are supported through the Office of the Vice President for Research. Each fellowship provides a $1000 award for the students to help cover costs of the project.

2017-18  Academic Year Research and Creative Activities Fellowship Award Recipients


Christopher Albert, Chemical Engineering, “Pulp Yield Improvement Via Meerwein-Ponndorf-Verley (MPV) Reduction,” advised by Thomas Schwartz

Cole Butler, Civil Engineering, “Population models on continuous-valued heterogeneous landscapes,” advised by David Hiebeler

Jessica Champagne, Psychology, “Maine Understanding Sensory Integration & Cognition (MUSIC) Project: Can music learning improve cognition in older adults?” advised by Rebecca MacAulay

Matthew Clark, Chemistry, “Examination of the Effects of Processing Parameters on Bioactive Compounds in Maine Seaweeds,” advised by Barbara Cole

Daniel D’Alessio, Mathematics, “Lacunarity Within Mammograms,” advised by Andre Khalil

Amy de Silva, Communication Sciences and Disorders, “Lend me your ear: Context effects on ambiguous idiom comprehension in aphasia,” advised by Christopher Grindrod

Spencer DeBrock, Zoology, “The Effect of the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid on Black-legged Tick Abundance and Lyme Disease Infection Prevalence in Maine,” advised by Allison Gardner

Cara Doiron, Finance, “Constructing Identity through the Lens of Fashion,” advised by Samantha Jones

Cody Gigac, Chemical Engineering, “Synthesis of a Halo-tag Ligand; for targeted genetic studies of serotonin receptors,” advised by Michael Kienzler

Mitchell Harling, Bioengineering, “The Metabolic Behavior of M1-Like Macrophages when Treated with Extracts from Anti-Inflammatory Foods,” advised by Karissa Tilbury

Cory Johnson, Biology, “Effects of Dietary Fats on Brain-Adipose Communication,” advised by Kristy Townsend

Angus Koller, Chemistry, “Polyphenol Oxidase and Total Phenolic Content in Honeycrisp Apples Afflicted with Soggy Breakdown,” advised by Barbara Cole

Chloe Lilly, Biological Engineering, “Slippery paper diagnostic devices with agar based bacterial detection system,” advised by Caitlin Howell

Calla Williams, Psychology, “Women In Leadership: How Leadership Framing and Social Identity Theory Influence Women’s Leadership Confidence,” advised by Shannon McCoy