2017-18 Academic Year Fellowship Awards

The Center for Undergraduate Research is pleased to announce the recipients of the Center for Undergraduate Research Academic Year Creative and Academic Achievement Fellowships for 2017-2018. The fellowships were developed to enhance and increase undergraduate student involvement in faculty supervised research, and are supported through a PRE-VUE grant awarded by the President’s Office. Each fellowship provides a $1000 award for the student to help cover costs of the project.

2017-18  Academic Year Creative & Academic Achievement Fellowship Award Recipients

(Student Name, Academic Program, Project Title, Mentor)

  • Christopher Albert, Chemical Engineering, Pulp Yield Improvement Via Meerwein-
    Ponndorf-Verley (MPV) Reduction, Prof. Thomas Schwartz
  • Cole Butler, Civil Engineering, Population models on continuous-valued heterogeneous
    landscapes, Prof. David Hiebeler
  • Jessica Champagne, Psychology , Maine Understanding Sensory Integration &
    Cognition (MUSIC) Project: Can music learning improve cognition in older adults?, Prof.
    Rebecca MacAulay
  • Matthew Clark, Chemistry, Examination of the Effects of Processing Parameters on
    Bioactive Compounds in Maine Seaweeds, Prof. Barbara Cole
  • Daniel D’Alessio, Mathematics, Lacunarity Within Mammograms, Prof. Andre Khalil
  • Spencer DeBrock, Zoology, The Effect of the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid on Black-legged
    Tick Abundance and Lyme Disease Infection Prevalence in Maine, Prof. Allison Gardner
  • Amy de Silva, Communication Sciences and Disorders, Lend me your ear: Context
    effects on ambiguous idiom comprehension in aphasia, Prof. Christopher Grindrod
  • Cara Doiron, Finance, Constructing Identity through the Lens of Fashion, Prof.
    Samantha Jones
  • Cody Gigac, Chemical Engineering, Synthesis of a Halo-tag Ligand; for targeted genetic
    studies of serotonin receptors, Prof. Michael Kienzler
  • Mitchell Harling, Bioengineering, The Metabolic Behavior of M1-Like Macrophages when
    Treated with Extracts from Anti-Inflammatory Foods, Prof. Karissa Tilbury
  • Cory Johnson, Biology, Effects of Dietary Fats on Brain-Adipose Communication, Prof.
    Kristy Townsend
  • Angus Koller, Chemistry, Polyphenol Oxidase and Total Phenolic Content in Honeycrisp
    Apples Afflicted with Soggy Breakdown, Prof. Barbara Cole
  • Chloe Lilly, Biological Engineering, Slippery paper diagnostic devices with agar based
    bacterial detection system, Prof. Caitlin Howell
  • Calla Williams, Psychology, Women In Leadership: How Leadership Framing and Social
    Identity Theory Influence Women’s Leadership Confidence, Prof. Shannon McCoy