Poster & and Easel Rental

* Co-Sponsored by CUGR and the Honors College

Every UMaine department or student group can now rent poster boards and easels at a very low cost. Please fill out the following form at least 2 weeks in advance to guarantee availability.

Poster Board Dimensions: 48”x36” white foam board

Easel Dimensions: Adjustable telescoping legs allow variable heights from 36″ to 66″

Rental Prices per easel/board combo:
$4.00 for the first 25 (1-25)
$3.00 for the next 25 (26-50)
$2.50 for the next 50 (51-100)

e.g. renting 20 combos will cost $80, renting 30 will cost $115, and renting the maximum of 100 will cost $300.

These prices are for a maximum of 5 days, e.g., M-F or Th-M.
A deposit of $50 will be required at pick-up to cover potential damage and will be refunded when all materials are returned in good condition or credited towards the final cost.

To register for an Easel & Poster board please fill out this rental form:
*Must be logged onto your UMaine account to open this link*