Marissa Bovie

Marissa Bovie

Major: Double major in Earth Sciences and Anthropology

Research Topic: Zadar area excavation site

Marissa Bovie is a junior from Vassalboro, Maine, double majoring in Earth Sciences and Anthropology. This past summer, with the help of this scholarship, she completed a trip to Croatia with Dr. Gregory Zaro to begin the planning and development of an archeological excavation in the area around Zadar. This project will look at the interplay between humans and the landscape from a multidisciplinary perspective. The initial phases, completed over the summer, established a collaborative, international, and interdisciplinary frameworks required for the success of the project, creating a multidisciplinary team of scholars to facilitate problem development and research design. A preliminary walk through of the site to be excavated was also completed during this time.

  • How did you get started with UG Research?

She talked to professors within her department, establishing good relationships with them that led to knowledge about the opportunities available to her for undergraduate research.

  • What advice do you have for other UG students considering working on research?

She would say to always keep an eye open for opportunities. Doing some research into national programs can help a great deal as well, but there are plenty of projects within the University of Maine for students to be involved with. She would also advise students to be open to a variety of opportunities. You never know exactly what you will learn and encounter and what might prove to be of the greatest interest to you.

  • Where to from here?

Marissa plans on returning to Zadar, Croatia again this coming summer to continue work on the project, this time from a more physical perspective. Site excavations are the next step to evaluating landscape evolution, environmental change, and human agency. With the preliminary framework in place, it’s time to set the plans established last summer into action.

  • How has CUGR effected your UG experience at UMaine?

CUGR has allowed me to broaden the horizons of my undergraduate experience here at the University of Maine. Without CUGR, her involvement with this project would likely not have been possible. Instead, she has been able to be involved in planning an archaeological project from the ground up, a very unique experience, especially for an undergraduate. CUGR has allowed her a better understanding of the world of research, particularly on an international level, and a chance to tackle all the challenges that may come with it. CUGR has provided a true growing experience as an undergraduate student.