Aya Mares

Aya Mares

Undergraduate Aya and Professor Mimi Killinger attended the 2008 National Collegiate Honors Council conference in San Antonio, TX. They presented a paper they co-wrote entitled, Fertile Ground: Reflections on Collaborative Student-Faculty Research in the Arts.

  • How did this project get started with UG research?

Aya and Mimi were interested in the positive psychological benefits of artistic creation and worked together to design an interview-based study that would help them to “learn more about the workings of an art collective and art’s potential healing for a group of women, some of whom suffered from poor health or depression.” Their article is awaiting publication in the NCHC journal.

Aya writes, “This study… was simply an experimental research project from which I have gained interviewing skills and knowledge of the paths I may want to pursue during my time at the University of Maine and beyond graduation.”

Mimi writes, “I also take away from this experience a newfound enthusiasm for collaborative student-faculty research, recognizing the endless mutual benefits of engaging my… students as colleagues with whom I might share scholarly questions and conduct future, common research.”

Dr. Margaret O. (“Mimi”) Killinger is the Rezendes Preceptor for the Arts in the Honors College at the University of Maine. Aya Mares is a third year Art History major and Honors College student at the University of Maine.