2013-14 Fall Fellowship Recipients

The Center for Undergraduate Research is pleased to announce the recipients of the Research and Creative Activities Fellowships for 2013-2014 academic year. The fellowships were developed to enhance and increase undergraduate student involvement in faculty supervised research, and are supported through a PRE-VUE grant awarded by the President’s Office. Each fellowship provides a $1000 award for the students to cover costs associated with the project.

2013-14 Academic Year Research and Creative Activities Fellowship Award Recipients

(Student Name, Academic Program, Project Title, Faculty Mentor)

Sylvia Allain , Computing & Information Science, “Virtual Modeling of Forest Populations in Maine given the Introduction of Invasive Plant Species,” advised by Nicholas Giudice

Jinlun Bai, Biology, “Effect of Mutations in Ca2+ Regulatory Proteins on Cardiac Frequency and Rhythmicity in Drosophila Melanogaster,” advised by Harold Dowse

Elija Bates, Marine Sciences, “Effect of Elevated Nitrate on early Thyroid Development in Atlantic Salmon,” advised by Heather Hamlin

Emily Blackwood & Samuel Hatch, Anthropology, “Pollen and Phytolime Analysis of a Possible Medicine Bundle From Machias Bay,” advised by Brian Robinson

Alicia Bolduc, Molecular & Biomedical Sciences, “Purification of Human Calpain 5 for the Study of Novel Protien-to-Protien Interactions,” advised by Dorothy Croall

David Bridges, Biology, “An Investigation of the Antiviral Properties of Maine Wild Berries (Vaccinium angustifolium) Against Human Norovirus,” advised by C. H. Wu

Mariah Bundy, Biology, “Movement Arousals and Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms of OPRM1 and COMT Genes in Neonatal Opiate Withdrawal,” advised by Marie Hayes

Ruth Castillo, Bioengineering, “Biofilm Formation on Medical Implants, A Zebrafish Model,” advised by Paul Millard

Morgan Cates & Jacob Whitaker, Performing Arts, “Presenting Standards-Based Choral Workshops for Middle and High School Students,” advised by Lauren Artesani

Nicole Curtis-Bray, Electrical Engineering, “Remote Excitation of the Resonant Transverse Shear mode in AT- Quartz and Aluminum Nitrite,” advised by John Vetelino

Amanda Dickey, Psychology, “Longitudinal Study of Motoric Competency in Toddlers with Prenatal Exposure to Method,” advised by Marie Hayes

Lance Doiron, Electrical Engineering, “AC/DC Converter for Electric Vehicle Applications,” advised by Nathan Weise

Hong Yi Dong & David Searle, New Media, “Schedi: An online calendar and Scheduling System for UMaine,” advised by Mike Scott

Derek Drouin, Exercise Science, “Evaluation of Bilateral Deficit in Cyclists During Maximal Cycling Exercise,” advised by Steven Elmer

Megan Dunphy, Psychology, “Race and Economic Competition as Predictors of Immigration Policy Support,” advised by Jordan LaBouff

Evelyn Fairman, Chemical Engineering, “Avoiding Aggregation During the Drying and Rehydration Phases of Nanocellulose Production,” advised by David Neivandt

Kaitlyn Feeney, Food Science & Human Nutrition, “Method Development for Analysis of Mycotoxins in Maple Syrup,” advised by Brian Perkins

Chelsea Folger, Psychology, “Prenatal Exposure to Methadone Disrupts Oxytocin Regulation of Maternal Infant Attachment,” advised by Marie Hayes

Tori Fournier, Chemistry, “Synthesis of Antimicrobial Polymers Utilizing Surface Initiated Polymerization,” advised by William Gramlice

Jordan Gagne, Animal & Veterinary Sciences, “Speciation of Lungworms in Maine Moose,” advised by Anne Lichenwalner

Lindsay Grumbach, Biochemistry, “Lipid Metabolism Changes Aresenic-treated Zebrafish,” advised by Steven Elmer

Jacob Guralnick, Food Science & Human Nutrition, “Preservation of Tomato: Techniques and Methods for Maine and New England,” advised by Balunkeswar Nayak

Campbell Haley, Biochemistry & Spanish, “All in the Phamily: Understanding maintenance of Lysogeny in Cluster A2 Mycobacteriophage EvilGenius and ChipMunk,” advised by Keith Hutchinson

Ryan Hall, Psychology, “Long Term Effects of Chemotherapy; Theraputic Potential of Anti-Depressants,” advised by Thane Fremouw

Katrina Harris, Molecular & Biomedical Sciences, “Identification and Confirmation of attP sites in Mycobacteriophage ChipMunk,” advised by Keith Hutchison

Matthew Hodgkin, Animal & Veterinary Sciences, “Lobster Claw Strength as a Measure of Viability,” advised by Robert Bayer

Joshua Jones, Biochemistry, “Effect of Mutations in Ca2+ Regulatory Proteins on Cardiac Frequency and Rhythmicity in Drosophila melanogaster,” advised by Robert Wheeler

Morgan Kinney, Psychology, “Measuring Automatic Emotional Responses to Homosexuals,” advised by Jordan LaBouff

Theodore Koboski, Marine Sciences, “Socio-cultural and Economic Barriers to Small Vessel Indigenous Participation in the American Samoa Longline Fishery,” advised by Teresa Johnson

Samantha Kwok, Molecular & Biomedical Sciences, “Soda genetic Modifier Effects on ALS in a Zebrafish Model,” advised by Roger Sher

Sarah Lange, Kinesiology & Exercise Science, “Effects of RENEW Training on Muscle-Tendon and Leg Spring Stiffness,” advised by Steven Elmer

Thomas Lavin, Biology & Biochemistry, “Development of a Fluorescent Cellular Based Assay of Nucleocytoplasmic transport in ALS,” advised by Roger Sher

Mallory Lavoie, Food Science & Human Nutrition, “Assessing Bioactive Phytochemicals in Dried Blueberries and Elderberries,” advised by Balunkeswar Nayak

Nathaniel Lawson, New Media, “Magnetic Ordering In Iron Oxide Nanocrystal Structures,” advised by Mike Scott

Stuart Lawson, Physics, “Augmented Reality Graffiti: Reconciling Art and Crime,” advised by Robert Meulenberg

Darien Lewis, Kinesiology & Exercise Science, “A RENEW Intervention to Improve Running Economy and Performance,” advised by Steven Elmer

Raymond Luc, Biomedical Sciences, “Effects of Triclosan on Innate Immunity in the Zebrafish, Danio rerio,” advised by Carol Kim

Elizabeth McCarthy, Wildlife Ecology, “The Effect of Climate Change and Urbanization on Core Habitat For Common Maine Herpetofauna,” advised by Cynthia Loftin

Timothy McGrath, Computing & Information Science, “Non-Visual Indoor Navigation Using Three Dimensional Auditory Displays and Sensory Feedback From Mobile Devices,” advised by Nicholas Giudice

Henry Norwood, Psychology, “Social Ostracism: Effects on Nuclear Weapon Attitudes,” advised by Jordan LaBouff

Mattie Paradise, Biology, “Environmental and Microbial Effects on Sparrow Egg Viability in a Maine Salt Marsh,” advised by Farahad Dastoor

Dagmar Ralphs, Kinesiology & Exercise Science, “Comparison of Whole-Limb Power and Asymmetry in Individuals with Total Knee Replacements,” advised by Steven Elmer

Randima Rodrigo, New Media, “Anthropomorphizing Sculpture Can Enhance Viewer’s Experience,” advised by Mike Scott

Jacqueline Rosa, Marine Sciences, “Testing an optical stethoscope for lobsters: A non-invasive way to assess heart response to thermal stress in Hard-shell Crustaceans,” advised by Richard Wahle

Kyle Rousseau, Biochemistry, “Development and Utilization of a Novel HPLC Protocol for Analysis of Polyphenols in Aronia Berries,” advised by Angela Myracle

Justin Royer, Food Science & Human Nutrition, “Evaluating Under Utilized Berries Elderberry and Aronia, for Value-Added Products,” advised by Angela Myracle

Julia Sell, Physics, “Investigating of Structural and Electrical Properties of Pt-ZrB2 and C-ZeB2 Thin Film Materials,” advised by Robert Lad

Dustin Sleight, Mechanical Engineering, “Mobile Mapping Applications: A Study in Site-Specific Access to Multimodal Interfaces for Geospatial Navigation,” advised by Nicholas Giudice

Regina Smith, New Media, “Monitoring & Tracking Environmental Variable of Closed Systems: A Utilization of Live Sensor Data,” advised by Mike Scott and Hannah Drummond

Bryer Sousa, Chemistry, “Characterization of the Chemical Reaction Between Copper (I) Iodide Films and Volatile Organic Compounds,” advised by Howard Patterson

Ethan Stetson, Psychology, “The Moral Foundations of Religion,” advised by Jordan LaBouff

Abigail Szotklowski, Psychology, “Religious Priming and Attitudes Toward Sexuality,” advised by Jordan LaBouff

Ryan Tardiff, Psychology, “An Investigation of the Differential Effects of Psychosocial Stress Appraisal on Working Memory,” advised by Shawn Ell

Monique Theriault, Chemistry, “Detection of Pharmaceuticals in Water Using Fluorescence Spectroscopy,” advised by Howard Patterson

Nathan Tomczyk, Ecology & Environmental Science, “Spatial and Temporal Shifts in Enzyme Activity Across Hydrologic Gradients in Vernal Pools,” advised by Meghan Capps

Rachael Torres, Psychology & Anthropology, “Factors Associated with Controlled and Uncontrolled Arterial Hypertension,” advised by Michael Robbins

Chi Truong, Chemical Engineering, “Feasibility of Producing Acetic Acid from Northeast Hardwoods using Electrodialysis,” advised by Joseph Genco

Emily Whitaker, Molecular & Cellular Biology, “Can Repressor Protein Sequences Be Used to Predict Immunity Cluster AZ Mycobacteriophage?” advised by Sally Molloy

Xinruo Zhang, Food Science & Human Nutrition, “Extraction of Phytochemicals in Elder Berries using Microwave and Studying Storage Stability,” advised by Balunkeswar Nayak



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